Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kitchen Table Notes

Dear "Mom"
I know you're totally toast and dealing with heavy mom-stuff that us kids aren't supposed to know about or see. We can pretty much handle all the day-to-day stuff, and even some momming of one another a lot of the time. You'd be so proud of us if you could see us in action.  We don't want to embarrass you by poking our noses in on your stuff, or by taking over jobs that you like to do, though, so don't be too tough on us if we seem like we don't care...or if we ask too much or too little of you.  We don't mind being a little mixed up because we love you.  We just like knowing you're home and ours.
One of your daughters
P.S. - Left a box of pretty tissues on your nightstand, and prayed for you this morning. 

Hey "Sis"
I stopped by, but you weren't home so I let myself in and took out the trash for you.  Girl! That's a lot of tissues!!!  What's happening? You know you can always call me...even if I do manage to say just the wrong thing and totally bug you. But we're still stuck together like glue forever, to me. I have chocolate. You get the wine. No matter what's on you're heart I'm here and promise not to judge you.
I love you...
Your other sister
P.S. - Went to COSTCO and got you a case of Kleenex. :'(  Praying. I promise!!!

Alright girlfriend...I know you're in there, and I know it's bad times. 
There was a package by your door, so I used my key and brought the box in for ya. I was just stopping by to bring you dinner and a plate of chocolate chips...just because. Saw the trash collector in front of your house and tossing a case of empty snot boxes into the truck. Left you the new mascara I bought for myself, and I'm reminding you that I seen you without any...and worse...and I never tell anyone.  I'll call later tonight. Answer even if you're a mess.  Don't make me hunt your butt down. You know I will. Hahahahah...
Your home girl! (Ha!)
P.S. - Called my stock broker. Bought you 100 shares of Puffs (Kleenex are murder on the nose) and left my grandma's hanky on your pillow. (Yes! It's clean!!!)  Can I come back later and pray with you?  Praying everyday all the time anyway...for real!!!

Hey lady...sorry to bug you, but...
I was behind you in the grocery store, and noticed that you dropped this pretty handkerchief.  I called after you, but I guess you didn't hear me.  I followed you home, and rang the bell, but you didn't answer.  You left your keys in the door, and that didn't seem safe, so I took 'em out and left them here on the table with the hanky.  Hope you're OK. Had a Bible in my purse. Left that for you too. Check out Isaiah 46:3b-4.
The gal behind you in Publix
P.S. - That's really pretty hanky.  My grandma had one just like it.  :)  I prayed for you all the way here.  I'll remember you again tonight before I go to bed.

My daughter...
I've heard so many prayers with your name in them.  And I have heard all of your cries, even the ones you didn't utter. I've been right here with you the whole time.  Who do you think brought all the tissues? Talk to me. Walk with me. Rest in me.  I'll dry every tear, and I'll always bring you help...even when you don't know what to ask for.
Eternally yours,
Your Father...God

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