Friday, February 10, 2012

Lord, Connect the Dots

A message I'd read and re-read before
Concealed, in plain sight, a wide open door
A portal to seeing, a portal to prayer
Yet only today I noticed it there

I'd read the same words numerous times
I'd read the same words for something to find
But today was the day this thing was revealed
Though I am not sure what remains concealed

Yet the haze of connection is coming to light
I see three disciples involved in one strife
A terrible tearing at hearts with one goal
May yet be You rising from wounds to these souls

Dear Jesus, I see more than one common thread
In three broken hearts that haven't all met
I ask you, O Father, to repair these three pots
I ask you, O Lord, to connect these three dots

A shadow of mercy seems just out of reach
Perhaps there is something now ready to teach
I see three disciples with more life to live
But in order to do it they have to forgive

Open the path then, Lord, flood it with Light
Close off the darkness that's shutting out sight
You have all power both here and above
Connect three disciples through your perfect love

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